The Blueprint Programme @ Cinnamon Lakeside Colombo


Event description

The Blueprint To Take Your Life To The Next Level
People have become successful before. People become successful all the time. They have used a blueprint to achieve this success. In this inspirational personal development workshop, we reveal that success blueprint. The blueprint allows anyone to move up from where they are now. (form each bracket of life) The workshop helps you move up from less successful to successful, less healthy to healthy, loneliness to love and chaos to balance. It is a life changer!

Learning Outcome
• Achieving a mindset change to believe that it is possible to become whatever you choose to become.
• Understanding how positivity, spirituality, progression, harmony, and purposes trigger the advancement of man.
• Developing a blueprint to live the rest of your life with an abundance of wealth, health, happiness, and joy.
• Changing your limiting beliefs which hold back advancement.
• Ability to understand and work with the natural laws of the universe which will allow success to flow to you effortlessly.
• Organizing oneself to live by an abundance ritual so that advancement is possible.
• Living your future persona when current issues drag you back.

Ideal for

• A person looking to do something better with their lives and a person seeking for overall joy.
• A person seeking to improve and find the success formula to achieve high and sustainable results.
• A person who is in a limbo right now, a person looking for the answers and for change.
• A person who is keen to break-away from the middle-class and average dilemma and seek excellence in all frontiers.
• A person looking for balance and overall joy in life.
• A person getting ready to make a dent in the universe.

Event Name: The Blueprint Programme
Date & Time: 30th August 2019
Venue: The Cinnamon Lakeside

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