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A multinational and multicultural country Sri Lanka has been the motherland for many communities such as the Sinhalese, Tamils, Muslims and Burgers. There was an era when a group of Tamils were demanding for a land of their own and engaged in a civil war with the government of Sri Lanka. An incident which happened during this period is the subject of the movie. A major news had been published in the newspapers which contained inaccurate allegations against a Sinhala person named "M. K. Shantha'' stating that he has carried out a suicide blast attack towards a Military Bus which was considered to be a huge disgrace by the Sinhala Community. Therefore the brother of the spokesperson named "Guna" and his mother was punished with serious physical and mental damages and banished from the village by the villagers. Finally, they settled down in a rural uninhabited area. After 09 years, Guna suddenly finds a piece of newspaper which contains the news of his brother's innocence. Although it's presented to villagers, they reject it. Then "Guna" decides to come to Colombo along with his only friend "Luwis / Luiya'' to publish the accurate news on the first page of daily Newspapers as requested by their mother. But none of the newspaper editors fulfill their requirement. However a sudden reflex which is created around them for their behavior enabled them to publish the news as expected. These incidents consumed an unexpected period of time. Suddenly "Guna" is shot and killed by the thugs in Colombo. Finally "Luwis" goes home with the corrected newspaper but their mother has already passed away.